We are an ever-growing team of creative storytellers who are passionate about digital media.

We consider every project a challenge to outdo the project that came before it.

We are not the AV club.  If we could shoot all of our videos and photos with iPhones, we would.  But until cell phone technology truly delivers professional-quality results (it doesn’t), we will continue to use HD cinema cameras and DSLRs with a full array of lenses, extensive lighting kits, triple-axis gimbal systems, slider dollies, backdrops, and all the other toys we take with us on shoots.

Of course we do our best to streamline production, and we’ve got air-travel packing down to an art form.  We are big on communication, and collaborate with our clients as creative partners.  And as much as we love pushing boundaries and accomplishing technical feats with our videos and photos, we always remember that you’ve hired us for one reason and one reason only: to create media that get you results.

We know that in order to truly serve our clients, we need to understand them thoroughly, as well as their industries.  We do our homework, study the brand books, and learn everything we can about what your business needs to succeed.

Co-founders David Jackel and Shana Bethune in Austin, TX

Co-founders David Jackel and Shana Bethune in Austin, TX






Dave has worked in video production since 2002, when he took an internship at a reality TV production company in Boston, and met Shana.  Since then he’s logged thousands of hours behind the camera, and has directed and produced a wide variety of projects, while working with Shana to build Shave Media.



Shana is a Boston-area native who left town for four years to study architecture at Columbia University.  After school she began an internship at a reality TV production company in Boston, and soon became a Post-Production Supervisor after discovering a love of editing. In 2009 she co-founded Shave Media with Dave.



Director of Photography

Ken has extensive experience in the field of photography, ranging from commercial and event work to covering some of the biggest rock acts of the mid 2000’s like Muse, Interpol, and The Cure.  As both a photographer and a videographer, Ken excels at composing elegant shots that bring out the best in any subject.




Michael is an award winning filmmaker and editor. Beginning his career in Boston in 2005, he has produced, directed, and edited music videos and documentary content for some of Boston's best known musical acts (Guster, Dropkick Murphys, Dispatch, Piebald, Amanda Palmer, and many others). He has also edited 2 feature films, 2013 Toronto International Film Festival Official Selection, "Fat" (for which he also served as co-director of photography) and Cinequest/IFFB 2017 Official Selection "Hedgehog," which has garnered 'Best Feature' awards for the Philadelphia and Los Angeles Independent Film Festivals. He has worked with Shave Media since 2015.