1. Do we require a visa to film in your country, and if so, which kind?  We have not used work visas in the past, but we understand that at times this is necessary - if so, how should we procure them?

2. Should we enter the country for "pleasure" or "business"?  In the past we have traveled as tourists, but we want to be sure to classify our presence properly according to the laws of your country.

3. In addition to our passports, what documents should we bring with us from the United States?

4. Can you provide us with any documentation to help us through customs, such as a letter of invitation from a recognized department, organization, or official?

5. Will we need any documentation for our equipment?  Generally we travel with several small video camera /sound packages, tripods, LED lights, a gimbal, and a drone.  We have not purchased carnet in the past.


1. What is the best way to handle payment in your country?  We generally use credit cards, with a small cash reserve of local currency and US dollars.

2. What are customary relations and protocol with local authorities?

3. Are there viable equipment rental facilities, such as this one, near your location?  

4. How should we plan to travel in your country, and can we hire a guide?  If possible, our preference is to travel with an experienced guide who can also provide or arrange for transportation.  

5. What security measures should we take while traveling?

6. Our equipment will require regular access to electric power - will there be any limitations in this regard?

7. What will our options be for internet and mobile network access?

8. Will we need any inoculations prior to visiting your country?