Do you have an upcoming conference, lecture series, or sales kickoff party? Are you running a booth at a convention? Hosting or appearing on a panel? There’s no better way to leverage these opportunities than with professional video coverage.

Our experienced team of event videographers will capture the essential moments and special details, conduct on-camera interviews with your staff and attendees, and film everything else you need to share your event with colleagues, clients, and the rest of the world.

Event Videos are a fantastic way to add value to events that you host or attend.   One of the benefits of meetings is that people from around the world are all assembled in one place, and are available to be filmed. Conducting a video shoot at a meeting is an efficient alternative to shooting at each attendee’s location.  For this reason, we will often produce a wide variety of videos during a single event.

For example, at a recent conference in Orlando, we created:

  • An Event Highlights Video, a energetic 2.5 – 4 minute video that told the story of the event with interviews, montages, and snippets from the day, complete with graphics and music
  • An Introduction Video to kick off the start of the conference, created on-site the day before it aired
  • A group of videos to begin each session, including pieces on mentorship, advocacy, and other programs
  • A series of videos introducing award winners
  • A web commercial encouraging viewers in the industry to join the organization hosting the conference

Any event your company hosts or attends provides you with the opportunity to gain new video content that builds your brand’s awareness, and engages and grows your audience.


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