Back in LA

We're back in LA, filming a comprehensive series of videos with celebrated Penguin Random House author Dean Koontz.  This setup included a locked-down Canon C100 and 5Dmkiii, a wireless lavalier mic, and several softbox lights (that travel surprisingly well) to counteract the powerful California sun.  Working with Dean and our colleagues at Penguin Random House was a pleasure, and the interview covered a wide range of topics, from Dean's early writing inspirations to his latest novel.

While in town, we visited some of our favorite spots, and took in the sunset over the ocean.

Filming at Inbound15!

Today is our first day of filming at HubSpot's Inbound 2015 Conference at the Boston Convention Center!  HubSpot never disappoints with its stellar line up of speakers and entertainers.  Seth Godin, Brené Brown, and Aziz Ansari are just a few of the big names featured at Inbound this year. 

Club Inbound in the early hours. By midday this place will be packed.

Our task is to film roughly 100 talks over the next few days, in rooms of all sizes - from meeting rooms to ballrooms - with up to 7 of these talks running simultaneously.  In each room, we're covering 3 angles: a static wide shot, a medium tracking shot, and a medium-close up from the side of stage.  Our filmmakers will primarily be using cinema cameras and high-end DSLRs to give the edited videos the inspiring aesthetic of TED Talks.  Of course good sound is still the most important component of video production, so we'll be running a direct feed from the soundboard into two audio recorders in each room, and using a mounted shotgun microphone for an additional level of coverage.  Here's a video we shot last year at Inbound14:

Last year, we had an 8-person team covering 3 rooms.  For this project, our team has grown to 18 videographers and 4 PAs!  

We're looking forward to the exciting atmosphere at Inbound, all the amazing speakers, and the now-legendary parties that take place each evening at the BCEC and in the surrounding area in the Seaport District.

Club Inbound later in the day.




Last Day at Star Wars Celebration

It's been an exciting long weekend, filming with our client Penguin Random House at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim!  We saw the premiere of the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and had the opportunity to film the crowd as they experienced the moment.  We also enjoying seeing the members of the new cast and director J.J. Abrams.  Over the past few days we filmed interviews with leading Star Wars authors and a wide range of of Star Wars fans, and also covered live recordings of audio books, panels and workshops.  After we wrapped up in Anaheim, our team headed to Santa Monica and Venice Beach for a relaxing rest of the day by the ocean.



School Bathroom Antics in New Video for BoomWriter

We all know what kinds of mischief kids can get up to when they think their teachers aren’t looking. As part of BoomWriter’s series of videos on the quirky challenges teachers face in their daily lives, we worked with BoomWriter to create this video that asks the question, “Is there any hope in getting kids to behave when adults can’t be there to supervise?” Watch the video to find out our teacher’s solution!

“The Boys Room” was shot at our facilities in Boston, MA, using the Sony ea50 and the Canon 5D mark iii. For lighting we used several soft boxes, LED panels, and natural light. For sound we used wireless lavalieres and a boom mic.

We look forward to producing more videos for BoomWriter in and around Boston!


Video Production in Progress for BoomWriter

BoomWriter is an exciting new technology for the classroom that enables students to collaboratively write a book. In collaboration with BoomWriter, we are producing a series of short videos that depict the day-to-day travails of modern schoolteachers.

To create these videos we are using a two-camera set-up, with the Canon 5D Mark III and the Sony NEX-e5a0, lavaliere wireless mics and a boom mic, and several soft boxes. We look forward to completing this first video, and will post it as soon as it’s done!

New Business Profile Video for DPV Transportation Worldwide

Here’s the first in a series of videos we are producing for DPV Transportation Worldwide. This video is a business profile that covers the scope of DPV Transportation Worldwide’s services and special features. DPV Transportation Worldwide specializes in luxury transportation services for global travelers. We produced this company profile video primarily with HD footage we shot in downtown Boston.