Ace Ticket TV Spots with Red Sox Legend

Our team is finalizing production of a series of TV spots for our client Ace Ticket featuring Red Sox pitching legend and NESN commentator Dennis Eckersley. Altogether we are slated to produce six TV spots, and we may expand the series later this year.

We filmed Dennis over the course of two days in Boston, outside Fenway Park and inside Ace Ticket’s flagship store in Kenmore Square. We got very lucky with the weather; our beautiful filming days were bookended by days of nonstop rain.

We shot on two Canon C200s using Cinema Raw Lite. For our on-the-street filming, we used a Ronin gimbal attached to an Easyrig (A Cam), and a tripod-mounted camera with a long lens (B Cam). We also captured b roll outside Fenway with the cameras mounted on a monopod and a tripod. For lighting we used LitePanels Astras, shoot-thrus, and reflectors.

Thank you, Ace Ticket, for this exciting opportunity!

Executive Producer: David Jackel; Producer: Nick Melaragno; Director: Daniel Olivares; Director of Photography: Ken Marcou; Sound: Damon Karys