Filmed in Vietnam: Mimic the River

Over the past few years our video production team has done quite a bit of travel.  In 2018 we took two trips to Southeast Asia. In August we filmed in Singapore, Borneo, and Bali.  In October we returned to Southeast Asia, this time to Vietnam, to film a short film for the Global Aquaculture Alliance.

Our team filmed GAA Film’s Mimic the River along the banks of the Mekong Delta, documenting how innovative aquaculture created new environments for raising the native fish, after the pollution from beyond Vietnam’s borders tainted the river for downstream fish farmers.

International filming often involves substantial paperwork.  Our team worked with partners in Vietnam to fast-track the filming applications and ensure that all documents were filled out and filed correctly.  With the permits in place, our team headed off to Vietnam and filmed over the course of three days. Our tools were a RED camera package, a C200 camera package, a gimbal, a drone, wireless sound recording, and field lighting.  GoPros also came in handy, used when filming in environments where big camera packages would be disadvantageous.

Our team enjoyed this terrific opportunity to film once again with the Global Aquaculture Alliance, and looks forward to future video production projects across the globe!

Mimic the River, filmed in Vietnam in October 2019.