Filming the Big Island of Hawaii

Since 2016 we have partnered with the Global Aquaculture Alliance to bring the captivating world of the aquaculture industry to viewers around the world.  Our latest filming adventure with GAA Films brought us to the Big Island of Hawaii, where we followed the lives of three young fish farmers who worked along the Kona Coast. 

GAA Films’ Aloha for This Place (watch in 4K!)

Traveling across Hawaii we encountered an enchantingly diverse range of climates and terrain.  We roamed sunny beaches and plains of black lava rock, dove through sparkling ocean coves, soared over pastoral valleys, took shelter from intermittent showers in the lush rainforest, descended the slopes of a steaming volcano crater, and traversed the foothills of its snowcapped neighbor. 

The fish farmers we followed were equally diverse in their backgrounds and interests, though they shared several essential qualities: marine science degrees, a commitment to responsible aquaculture, a passion for preserving nature, and love and respect for their adopted home island of Hawaii.

We worked with a small New England-based crew: two Camera Operators who shared directing and DP responsibilities (David Jackel, Alex Pickering), and our Producer Becky Holt.  We shot all of our footage in 4K, using the RED Dragon and the Canon C200 in Cinema Raw.  Alex ran the MoVI Pro for fluid moving shots, and the Inspire2 for sweeping birds-eye-view shots.  Dave primarily worked handheld, using the Kessler Second Shooter motorized slider for interviews.  We shot underwater with a GoPro Hero5, and captured run-and-gun b roll (and time-lapses) with the Sony a6500.  For sound we used an Audio-Technica shotgun mic on a stand, and a Sennheiser wireless lavalier kit with a hidden Tram mic.  We worked with natural Hawaiian sunshine as much as possible, occasionally supplementing it with a Litepanels Astra 1x1 Bi-Color LED Panel. 

We look forward to future collaborations with GAA Films, filming exemplary fish farmers and their aquaculture operations around the world.