A New Architecture Case Study for ARC

Last year ARC/ Architectural Resources Cambridge engaged our team to produce a case study video highlighting how their team designed the John J. Bowen Center for Science and Innovation in Providence, Rhode Island.  Working with ARC again in 2017, we produced this case study video of their recent Laboratory Fit-Out project at The Institute for Applied Life Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

In planning this video, we worked closely with our colleagues at ARC to determine the message they wanted to convey, the content that needed to be presented, and the best filming style to accomplish these goals.  It was important that the video demonstrated the diversity of ways in which the space could be used, and gave the viewer a sense of what it was like to walk through the space.  

We had a lot of ground to cover during our day of filming: more than a few interviews and plentiful, varied b roll.  ARC collaborated with their associates at the University of Massachusetts to carefully schedule the day so that we were able to get all of the shots on our list. 

We used the same filming team that we used in Providence: David Jackel (Field Producer), Ken Marcou (Director of Photography), and Daniel Olivares (Camera Operator).  As with most of our interview-based videos, we filmed with two cameras: one locked down, the other on a motorized slider.  For b roll we covered each location with a wide lens camera on a triple-axis gimbal and a long lens camera on a monopod.  We also included the same lead editor as with our last ARC project, Michael Gill, who has extensive experience editing documentaries and shorts.

We enjoyed working with ARC once again, and are happy with how this video tells the story of their engagement with U Mass.