New video for Prince Lobel

We recent completed a new video for Prince Lobel, highlighting the Boston law firm's continuing commitment to diversity.  As Prince Lobel explains, "growth and sustainability lie in our ability to unite those with different backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and talents."  This forward-looking law firm taps into the diversity prevalent in Boston to better to serve their clients, grow their dynamic workforce, and continue to build a law firm for the future. 

For the video shoot we used two Canon C100 mkii's mounted to a fluid head tripods for interviews, and a combination of tripods and shoulder rigs for b roll.  The natural light in Prince Lobel's office was gorgeous, so all we needed to do was gently supplement it with a softbox and a reflector.  We edited the video in Premiere CC.

We greatly enjoyed meeting and working with the team at Prince Lobel, and admire the firm's commitment to diversity in the workplace and workforce.