New video for HubSpot for Startups

This summer we worked with HubSpot, the innovators behind Inbound Marketing, to create a quick video that introduces their new program HubSpot for Startups.  Over the course of a day we filmed the HubSpot for Startups team at work, along with a variety of scenes throughout HubSpot's headquarters in Cambridge, MA.  We also stopped over at Drift, another innovative software development company based in Cambridge, for some additional filming.

We filmed all of our footage with two Canon C100 mkii's and a tripod-mounted slider dolly.  We recorded the voice-over onsite after the shoot with a Rode condenser microphone running into an Apogee One, connected to Logic Pro X.  We edited the video in Premiere CC and After Effects.

As always, it was a pleasure working with HubSpot, and we enjoyed collaborating with the team at HubSpot for Startups to help tell their story.  We looks forward to future projects with HubSpot, including another video for HubSpot for Startups this fall.