Filming at Inbound15!

Today is our first day of filming at HubSpot's Inbound 2015 Conference at the Boston Convention Center!  HubSpot never disappoints with its stellar line up of speakers and entertainers.  Seth Godin, Brené Brown, and Aziz Ansari are just a few of the big names featured at Inbound this year. 

Club Inbound in the early hours. By midday this place will be packed.

Our task is to film roughly 100 talks over the next few days, in rooms of all sizes - from meeting rooms to ballrooms - with up to 7 of these talks running simultaneously.  In each room, we're covering 3 angles: a static wide shot, a medium tracking shot, and a medium-close up from the side of stage.  Our filmmakers will primarily be using cinema cameras and high-end DSLRs to give the edited videos the inspiring aesthetic of TED Talks.  Of course good sound is still the most important component of video production, so we'll be running a direct feed from the soundboard into two audio recorders in each room, and using a mounted shotgun microphone for an additional level of coverage.  Here's a video we shot last year at Inbound14:

Last year, we had an 8-person team covering 3 rooms.  For this project, our team has grown to 18 videographers and 4 PAs!  

We're looking forward to the exciting atmosphere at Inbound, all the amazing speakers, and the now-legendary parties that take place each evening at the BCEC and in the surrounding area in the Seaport District.

Club Inbound later in the day.