Filming Interviews and B Roll at Acentech in Cambridge MA

Today we continued filming interviews and b roll footage for a case-study video that will highlight an exciting service provided by Acentech: the Remote Monitoring of Noise and Vibration.  So far we've filmed at several locations in the Greater Boston area, Western Massachusetts, and New Haven, CT. 

Today's video shoot was at Acentech's Cambridge office, where we used two Canon C100 cinema cameras - locked down for multicam interviews, and stabilized with several setups for action and detail shots.  Working with Acentech is always fun, and we look forward to reviewing the footage and beginning the edit.

The weight and length of the monopod combined with image stabilization allows for smooth handheld shots.

For low-angle shots, the camera can be carefully stabilized between the knee and the pressure against the viewfinder.