Debut Video for 15-40 Connection

We have just finished our first in a series of video for 15-40 Connection, a cancer self-awareness nonprofit organization.  15-40 Connection's mission is to empower people by showing them how to spot the first warning signs of cancer, and dramatically increase their chances of survival.

We shot the interview footage several months ago at an event held by 15-40 Connection at the offices of Applied Interactive in Worcester, MA, using a two-person crew with two Canon C100s, a slate-colored heavy cloth backdrop, and 3-point lighting.  For the hair light, we mounted an LED panel on a stand placed behind and above the backdrop.  We also used a roaming camera on a slider for b roll of the event, for use in later videos.

Over the course of the event, we filmed interviews conducted by the 15-40 Connection team with a diverse group of cancer survivors, all of whom are now thankfully in good health.  The speakers told us about their lives before cancer, the nature of their symptoms, how they were diagnosed and treated, and what they would tell their younger selves knowing what they know now.

We strongly encourage anyone in the 15-40 age range to visit and take a moment to read through the potentially-lifesaving information on the website.