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Just Released: New Speaker Reel Video for David Meerman Scott

Here is the new Speaker Reel Video we just completed with the D’Amelio Network for David Meerman Scott: marketing strategist, best-selling author, and worldwide speaker on the subject of Real-Time Sales and Marketing. Among David’s many books is the well-known The New Rules of Marketing & PR, considered by many in the industry to be an essential read for marketing and PR professionals. David’s newest book, The New Rules of Sales and Service, launches September 2, 2014.

For several years we’ve had the privilege to work with David on his videos, and are excited to see this new Speaker Reel Video go live!

David Meerman Scott – Real-Time Sales and Marketing Speaker from David Meerman Scott on Vimeo.

Video for Skrawl by Boomwriter

We produced this video for Skrawl by Boomwriter, a new collaborative writing platform that will revolutionize how people create written content. Pre-register now, and Skrawl is yours for life:

We worked with the Skrawl team to write and produce this video, filming over the course of several days in the Boston area. Our own Shana Bethune stars in one segment, along with Shave Media’s teddy bear hamster Mitzi.