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Video for Skrawl by Boomwriter

We produced this video for Skrawl by Boomwriter, a new collaborative writing platform that will revolutionize how people create written content. Pre-register now, and Skrawl is yours for life: www.skrawl.com

We worked with the Skrawl team to write and produce this video, filming over the course of several days in the Boston area. Our own Shana Bethune stars in one segment, along with Shave Media’s teddy bear hamster Mitzi.

Business profile video for MetaVoice’s Claudette Rowley

We recently produced this business profile video for Claudette Rowley, whose company MetaVoice Coaching and Consulting helps businesses and organizations navigate challenging situations, and transform and grow to leverage new opportunities.  Learn more about Claudette and MetaVoice here at metavoice.org.


We filmed Claudette’s stand ups against a white background at our studio in Boston, and used kinetic text to reinforce her key messages. This format works well for businesses that travel to their clients, and offer ideas and communication as their primary service.


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